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TEAL for Pre-service Educators

TEAL is designed to provide pre-service educators with quality, no-cost online learning in arts integration. Practical, useful and usable material and resources are made available to those pre-service educators in the K-6 grades and their instructors. Preparation in arts integration gives new teachers and administrators the advantage of an approach to learning that has shown very positive effects on classroom culture, student behavior, and student achievement.

The TEAL online modules use the content standards for Visual and Performing Arts for California Public Schools and the California Common Core State Standards as touchstones for content objectives. Learning is accomplished with video examples, readings, and activities that guide participants in the practices that support the authentic integration of the arts with other content areas. TEAL gives participants background knowledge, practice with art discipline-specific materials and techniques and guidance to support students as they begin to align objectives from one or more content areas with the arts.

Questions for reflection, activities, and many resources are found throughout the modules. University faculty use the TEAL Faculty Handbook to determine the best use for these features. The combination of online learning and in-class discussions, activities and assignments can be adjusted to meet the objectives of the instructor. Faculty may use the modules to design thematic lessons and are given suggestions in the TEAL Faculty Handbook. Pre-service participants are encouraged to answer the questions, discuss with fellow students, and use the activities to build knowledge and skills.

Getting Started with TEAL

A TEAL Faculty Handbook is provided with instructions for access, recommendations for use both online and in class, and expectations of faculty who use the modules. Faculty who participate in TEAL are guided by the designated university representative regarding requirements for inclusion in the course syllabi, timelines, progress monitoring, grading, and any additional matters.

University faculty who would like to incorporate TEAL into their courses will find detailed instructions for registration and participation in the TEAL Faculty Handbook.

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