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TEAL for In-service Educators

TEAL is designed to provide in-service educators with quality, no-cost online learning in arts integration. Important background and useful, practical material and resources are made available to K-6 teachers and administrators. Both new and experienced teachers and teacher leaders will find the integration of an art form with their curriculum is an invigorating approach to teaching and learning, with many benefits to both teachers and students. There is substantial research that shows the positive effects of the arts on classroom culture, student behavior, and student learning.

Getting Started with TEAL

Each district or charter network that joins TEAL will identify two educators to attend three days of no-cost professional development to become TEAL coaches and one administrator to attend two days and who will assist educators with TEAL in their district. At the 3-day in-person professional development, through discussion, modeling, and activities, TEAL educators gain an understanding of arts integration, a specific art form, and the skills needed to integrate an art form with another content area as well as to align with Common Core Standards. Additionally, they engage in face-to-face interaction to become familiar with the Visual and Performing Arts Standards for California Public Schools and the online modules. They also work with TEAL consultants to create a plan for professional development at their sites.

TEAL Coaches, Administrators, and Teachers

TEAL coaches are the point person who supports TEAL teachers (chosen by the district) through blended professional development using selected materials, resources and strategies made available through the online modules and knowledge gained during the coach’s three day professional development. A TEAL consultant is assigned to each district and together with an art specialist is available for guidance while coaches and teachers work together with the objective of implementing arts integration in the classroom. Edmodo, a social network for classroom use, is used to create a learning community that includes the consultants, and the teachers and administrators involved in TEAL. An additional online resource are the monthly webinars offered by LACOE TEAL support staff from to participants, covering topics of interest to the participants and offering the community an opportunity to interact at a distance.

The TEAL administrator is provided with a scripted presentation that spans approximately one hour. This presentation on TEAL and arts integration is given to a minimum of one hundred teachers and administrators during time allocated for professional development. The amount of time spent online compared to the amount of time spent with the coach in person is unique to each district or charter network. It is necessary for sites to determine the time that can be allocated to TEAL.

The TEAL online modules use the content standards for Visual and Performing Arts for California Public Schools and the California Common Core State Standards as touchstones for content objectives. Learning is accomplished through engagement with video examples, readings, and activities that guide participants in the practices that support the authentic integration of the arts and other content areas. Questions for reflection and activities that can be used individually or with a group are found throughout the modules.

TEAL participants gain background knowledge, practice with art discipline-specific materials and techniques and guidance. Coaches and teachers will access these as they create lessons. TEAL coaches help teachers implement and assess their lessons, supporting as needed and ensuring that the TEAL consultant is kept informed of their progress.


Participants share their experiences with TEAL, the blended learning approach, and the outcomes of arts integration lessons in their classrooms. Surveys and open-ended questions provide the TEAL partners with important data that informs the intent of continuous improvement of the project. Available student work samples, favorite lessons, articles, and activities can be shared through Edmodo.

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