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TEAL Professional Development and Project Site Implementation

For in-service educators, each district or charter school will identify two educators who will attend three days of no-cost professional development to become TEAL coaches. TEAL coaches gain an understanding of arts integration, focusing on what authentic integration looks like, the benefits and challenges, and one specific art form. They engage in face-to-face interaction to familiarize themselves with skills needed to integrate an art- form with the Common Core and other content areas, meeting objectives in all areas. During the three day professional development, TEAL coaches and their administrator access the online modules, and work with TEAL consultants to design a plan for professional development tailored to their sites.

TEAL coaches and the administrator return to their districts and share their learning with K-6 teachers. The TEAL administrator provides professional development for teachers to learn about arts integration and the process of building lessons that integrate an art form and its standards with another subject area. Content and implementation support along with lesson design assistance is available. TEAL offers in-person support, the online modules, and Webinars with TEAL arts specialists. TEAL educators also use Edmodo, a social network often used in classrooms. Edmodo also allows teachers to connect with one another, the TEAL consultants, and the TEAL coaches and administrators involved in TEAL. The TEAL coaches assist teachers with design, implementation,and assessment of an arts integrated lesson. Consultants gather feedback, surveys, and student samples or descriptions of arts integrated lessons.

Pre-service teachers and administrators who seek their credentials may participate in the no-cost online modules through their university coursework. Many of the university faculty use the online modules as part of their curriculum, including one or more in their course syllabus. The modules include many questions for reflection and activities that can be used for in-person interaction, class discussion, and in-or-out-of class assignments.

The goal of TEAL is to provide meaningful, practical and inspiring professional development in Visual and Performing Arts integration to pre-service and in-service K-6 teachers and administrators throughout Los Angeles County, empowering them with a paradigm-shifting teaching approach that facilitates positive academic, social, emotional, behavioral and physical outcomes for students.