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The Arts in Los Angeles

The Visual and Performing Arts are central to the cultural identify of Los Angeles. Renowned as a hub for film and television, L.A. is also one of the most diverse cities in the world, and that diversity is celebrated in many ways, through the creative arts. In their paper , "A Vision for the Arts in Los Angeles”, Elizabeth Ondaatje and Kevin McCarthy explain that the art and cultural sector in L.A. "is poised on the threshold of an exciting new era”. The cultural medley and enthusiasm for creative expression found in the Los Angeles area has and continues to shape the arts throughout the world.

Not surprisingly, the arts play a significant role in the economy of the region – the creative economy. The creative economy includes industries, small or large, that employ workers in the entertainment sector; also, the visual and performing arts organizations and events, galleries, fashion, architecture, and digital media. The impact of the creative economy on the Los Angeles region (Los Angeles and Orange Counties) is powerful. According to the Otis Report one in seven jobs in the Los Angeles region is part of the creative economy. The direct labor income for workers directly employed by creative industries in 2013 was $33.5 Billion; indirect and direct combined reached $139.8 Billion and $5.7 Billion in tax revenue. (See the Otis Report for an in-depth report.) These numbers illustrate the crucial need for arts education throughout the region – and for advocacy.

An important part of arts advocacy is support for arts education in classrooms – not as a frill but as an essential element of instruction. TEAL is one approach that places arts education at the center of learning. The TEAL professional development for educators provides pre-service and in-service educators with tools and knowledge that enable them to offer art education and experiences to their students. Arts education is both a cultural and an economic necessity!

Arts Day LA

Held at City Hall, Arts Day LA is a festive event that brings together Angelenos, including elected officials, in support and celebration of the art and culture of Los Angeles.