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Technology Enhanced Arts Learning Project

No-cost professional development in arts integration throughout the K-6 curriculum.


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Arts and Science

Dr. Jackie Green

Planetary Scientist,
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Dr. Todd Barber

Senior Propulsion Engineer,
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Dr. Joshua Fisher

Climate Scientist,
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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TEAL Online Modules

Arts integration online learning modules

Coach Log

Complete this log every time you meet with one or more of your TEAL teachers.


Downloadable resource files.

Who is TEAL for?

Teacher using a paint brush

In-Service Educators

TEAL educators discover the ways in which the Visual and Performing Arts Standards for California Public Schools and the California Common Core State Standards reinforce each other and can meet objectives in both areas, AUD-CHF as well as other content areas. Learn more

Pre-Service Educators

TEAL is designed to provide pre-service educators with quality, chart GBPCAD no-cost online learning in arts integration. Practical, useful and usable material and resources are made available to those pre-service educators in the K-6 grades and their instructors. Learn more

Hand fully painted in bright colors

"Because works of art are almost always about 'something', they can be the glue that binds the curriculum together and helps kids synthesize all of their learning throughout the day."

Christine Marmé Thompson
Art education professor at Pennsylvania State University



With the growing recognition of the vital importance of the Visual and Performing Arts in a child’s education, GBP-JPY the number of online arts integration and arts education resources continues to increase. Go to resources